BattleScribe Data Files Location

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BattleScribe Data Files Location

Postby mr dark » December 4th, 2012, 11:48 am

BattleScribe Data Files

All xml and file locations have changed! Make sure you update your links in Battlescribe!

NOTE: You will need BattleScribe v1.13.07 or newer to use the data files - Make sure you're up to date!

Join the forum to report bugs or get involved with creating and maintaining the data files.

How To Use The Data Files

Mobile (Android or iOS Phones / Tablets)
  1. Click the link for the data files you want
  2. When prompted, pick BattleScribe as the app with which to open the link
  3. Wait for BattleScribe to import the files (it may take a few minutes)
  4. Click "New Roster" to begin making lists

Desktop (Windows / Mac / Linux)
  1. Right-click the link for the data files you want
  2. Choose "Save Link As..." (or similar) and download the file to your computer
  3. Start BattleScribe Roster Editor, and click "Manage Data" in the toolbar along the top
  4. Click the "Import From File..." button and point BattleScribe to the file you downloaded in Step 2
  5. You should see a message saying the data was successfully imported. Click "Done".
  6. Click "New Roster" to begin making lists

Note: You can go back to "Manage Data" any time on desktop or mobile to check for updates to your data files.

Get The Data Files
(Requires BattleScribe v1.13.07 or newer)

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